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Check Out The Previous Winners:

Christine P, from Ottawa won a cool $100 VISA gift card.

Angie W, from LaSalle and Linda A, from Tecumseh, called a TRUCE and DONATED their prize (awesome!)

It's baaaaaaack...


First, let me ask you:  


Do you have, or are you thinking about buying, a Fitbit? Or Jawbone? Or some sort of activity “step counter?”  

Yeah?? Sweet.  

‘Cause I am throwing down a new little challenge/contest for ya.  

Starting next month, I’m re-opening the 10,000 Step Challenge (For The Super Cool).  


Here's what you'll have to do to participate:  

1) Register now.

2) Start wearing your Fitbit and get 10,000 steps per day.  

3) Submit a picture/screenshot showing your step count and that day’s date.  


The person who holds the streak for longest CONSECUTIVE 10,000 step days wins.  


That means if you get 10,000 steps Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, but not Thursday or Sunday - YOU LOSE.  


But if you can get 10,000 steps PER DAY, CONSECUTIVELY, you may be a winner.  


To play, all you’ll need to do is JOIN and make sure you have a Facebook profile up and running. You don’t need to upload crazy pictures of your latest meal or your dog, but I need you to have a profile so you can be a member of the group and submit your daily photo entries.  


One mini-stipulation, however: Winner needs to be someone who has done at least 30 consecutive days. I hope it would go without saying that the winner SHOULD be able to have done more than 30 days, but that'll be part of the rule. At least 30 days, people!  


Now you're wondering, "What do I win??"  

A cool $100.  

Gift card, that is. To whatever business/restaurant/online retailer you desire.  

The last winner, Christine from Ottawa, ON, got herself a nice little $100 VISA Gift Card. She'll use it for clothes, groceries, dinner, whatever the hell she wants.  

Why am I doing this?  

Actually, just for the hell of it, believe it or not.  

I want people I’m in touch with to be just a bit better than they were. Just a bit fitter. A bit healthier. And I want them (and you) to challenge yourself.  


So are you in?  

Yeah? Sweet.  

Register yourself below. I’ll need your email so I can send you the invite to the Facebook page where all of these pictures and people’s success will be tracked.  

This is all goes down January 1st. So get your tracker charged (or purchased!) and let’s get to work.  



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